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de Boccard Conseil provides pratical and tailor-made services in response to actual and specific needs of each financial institution. If you want to strengthen your teams, understanding or capacities on a specific topic or to outsource regulatory issues, deBoccard Conseil assists you in making and keeping your business compliant.

Presentation of the Company

de Boccard Conseil is a limited company (societe anonyme) based in Geneva that provides services to financial intermediaries in Switzerland, especially in Geneva, Lausanne, Basel and Zurich. Its mission is to provide consulting services in financial, regulatory, legal and strategical fields.

Its managing founder, Guillaume de Boccard, is admitted to the Bar of Geneva and holds a MBA from INSEAD. He gained specific experience practicing at the Geneva's Bar, working at Credit Suisse in Zürich and as a member of the legal and regulatory project team at Pictet & Cie, where he worked specifically on the Rubik, FATCA, Cross-border and CFTC projects. de Boccard Conseil was founded in response to the growing demand for complying with new financial regulations and to develop a constructive, fruitful and longlasting collaboration with financial institutions and intermediaries.
Topics and Competences

In depth assistance for all your regulatory projects


Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
The US FATCA Regulation will enable the US to tax foreign accounts of US taxpayers. FATCA establishes on a worldwide basis new regulations on identifying US Persons, registering foreign financial institutions (FFI), reporting tax information to the IRS and withholding on US source income.
More details on FATCA


Automatic Exchange of Information
The automatic exchange of information (also called Common Reporting Standard) involves the systematic and periodic transmission of taxpayer information by the source country (where financial assets are located) to the residence country concerning various categories of income (e.g. dividends, interest, royalties, salaries, pensions, etc). The entry into force of this standard is scheduled for 2016.

Federal Financial Services Act (FFSA)

FFSA should enter into force in 2017. It will increase surveillance on Swiss financial institutions, notably on External Asset Managers, and documentary requirements on financial products and on the risk profile of the clients. FFSA will aslo establish unified rules for the supply of financial services, will regulate cross-border services to Switzerland and will increase customers' protection.

Rubik Tax Agreements

Withholding Tax Agreements
The so-called Rubik Agreements are Tax Agreements entered into by Switzerland with the UK and Austria on the regularisation of non-declared accounts in Switzerland and on submitting to tax future income and capital gains. Italy declared its interest in entering such an agreement (June 2013).

To define the needs of your company in respect to these topics or to discuss other topics such as the US Program for Non-Prosecution for Swiss Bank or the Swiss law on Collective Investment Scheme Act, please contact us.

FATCA is a US Regulation signed by President Obama on March 18th, 2008 and will enable US authorities to efficiently tax foreign accounts of US taxpayers. FATCA establishes on a worldwide basis new rules to identify US Persons, register foreign financial institutions (FFI), report tax information to the IRS and withhold a 30% tax on US source income. FATCA will enter into force on July 1st, 2014. Some FATCA obligations, like registering with the IRS or entering into an FFI Agreement, must be undertaken by Swiss financial institutions by April 25th, 2014 or June 30th 2014, respectively.

de Boccard Conseil offers FATCA services to financial institutions:
  • Introduction to FATCA
  • Analysis and selection of the FATCA status for entities
  • Assistance to complete FATCA forms(W-8BEN-E, W-8IMY, W-8BEN, W-9, etc.)
  • Sponsoring service provided with Geneva Compliance Group SA
  • Registration to the IRS
  • Due diligence process for new and existing accounts
  • In-house teams training
  • Interface between independant institutions and depositary banks
  • Presentation of FATCA requirements in respect to the status of the financial institution
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